ESAAC Committees

ESAAC Committees

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  • ESAAC Committee of Anesthesiology
  • ESAAC Committee of Emergency medicine
  • ESAAC committee of Critical Care Medicine
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Social Media Committee

ESAAC Committee of Anesthesiology

Anesthesia divisions
  1. Anesthesia For General Surgery
  2. Anesthesia For Cosmetic Surgery
  3. Anesthesia For Vascular Surgery
  4. Anesthesia For Maxillofacial Surgery
  5. Anesthesia For Pediatric Surgery
  6. Anesthesia For Oncological Surgery
  7. Anesthesia For Obstetric And Gynecological Surgery
  8. Anesthesia For Neurosurgical Surgery
  9. Anesthesia For ENT Surgery
  10. Anesthesia For Ophthalmic Surgery
  11. Anesthesia For Cardiothoracic Surgery
  12. Anesthesia For Remote Locations
  13. Anesthesia For Dental Surgery
  14. Anesthesia For Urinary Tract Surgery
  15. Anesthesia For Orthopedic Surgery
  16. Anesthesia For Transplant Surgery
Anesthesia Pathways
  1. Airway Management Pathway.
  2. Regional Anesthesia Pathway.
  3. Pain Management Pathway (Acute And Chronic).
  4. Anesthesia For Liver Transplant Pathway.
  5. Anesthesia For Kidney Transplant Pathway.
  6. Anesthesia For Lung Transplant Pathway
  7. Resuscitation Pathway (BLS And ACLS) Pathway
  8. Physics Pathway

ESAAC Committee of Critical Care

HEAD : Prof. Ahmed Reda
ESAAC Critical Care Board Review. M. Amin 
Division of Airway Management Nabil Shalik 
Division of Pulmonary Critical Care M. Amin & Abdulrahman 
Division of Shock , Masry , Ahmed Zahra 
Division Critical Care Cardiology Ahmed Zahra , Magdy 
Division of Neurocritical Care Ashraf Heikal , Shanshoury 
Division of Trauma & Surgical Critical Care Hani , Ghada 
Division of Sepsis & Infection Control Ayman Hashem ,Mohamed Algayar ,Mai 
Division of AKI & Renal Replacement Therapy Hani , Ashraf  Heikal 
Division of Toxicology & Pharmacotherapy Magdy , M.Shanshoury 
Division of ECLS, ATLS, BLS, ACLS, CPR. Masri , Mai 
Division of Clinical Nutrition, Endocrinology and Metabolism            Moh. Algayar, Mai, Hani 
Division of Obstetric Critical Care Magdy, Hani 
Division of Critical Care Hematology Shanshoury, Masri 
Division of Ethics , communication skills , medical malpractice                   Ayman Hashem, Ahmed. Zahra 
Division Critical Care Quiz Ahmed Hisham , Ghada 

ESAAC Critical Care Pathways

Critical Care Patho-Physiology Pathway 

Masri , Shanshoury 

Critical Pharmacotherapy Pathway 


Sepsis Pathway 

Ayman Hashem , Hani , Masri 

Shock Pathway 

Ayman Hashem , Masri , Magdi 

Respiratory Failure Pathway 

M. Amin & Abdulrahman Abushady 

AKI Pathway 

Ashraf , Hani 

TBI Pathway 

Wael Abdulrahman & Shanshoury 

Critical Nutrition Pathway 

Moh. Algayar , Mai , Hani